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Art Gum Eraser

  • Block shaped, dual purpose eraser and dry cleaner
  • Fine dry powder cleans the drawing surface by absorbing the graphite and dirt
  • Made by Prismacolor


    Price: $1.29
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Clic Eraser

Eraser pen color will vary

  • Retractable pen-shaped eraser
  • Non-abrasive polymer eraser
  • Refillable
  • Latex-free
  • Made by Pentel


    Price: $1.99
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Helix Auto Eraser

  • provides erasing n precise area and feathering
  • Battery operated and switch activated
  • Made by Helix


    Price: $10.99
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Hi-Polymer Eraser

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Kneaded Eraser
Removes and highlights pencil, charcoal, and pastel. Suitable for all sketch, drawing and textured papers. By ProArt.
Price: $1.19
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Pink Pearl Eraser

  • Latex free
  • Single eraser
  • Smudge resistant
  • Made by PaperMate ®


    Price: $1.29
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Soft Drafting Eraser

  • Plastic drafting eraser
  • For use with tracing paper and drafting film
  • Made by ProArt


    Price: $1.29
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